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Generate enormous commission payouts just by putting a banner on your website! $100 - $1000 - $10,000+ being paid out every month!

"Ryan, I just wanted to tell you guys that your affiliate program has exceeded all other programs I am currently running in its first week. Paying out 70% commission to affiliates for these types of products is unheard of! I would also like to mention that I put the affiliate banner in my banner rotator and in one week I got 11 people to sign up under me! I love that I can recruit second – tier affiliates and earn even more! You offer so many high converting products, you definitely found a new friend! Feel free to use this message as a testimonial.

Dan Klein -

NetMax Marketing provides industry leading products and services mixed with the highest conversion rates in our field. Our 2-tier high payout affiliate program makes our affiliates the highest payout profit percentage on the Internet today!

In addition to our high payouts we also love to pay our best performing affiliates cash bonuses as another way of thanking you for a job well done!

NetMax Marketing strives to reach the maximum amount of people who can benefit from our superior marketing tools. We offer an array of services, software, and informative guides which are easy to sell and are highly effective!

In addition to great marketing tools, NetMax Marketing also has one of the finest support staffs in the field. We answer support requests 7 days a week, ensuring that if one of your affiliate buyers has a problem we resolve it as fast as possible! This results in higher customer satisfaction and fewer product returns! Don’t believe us? Send us an email right now and see how long it takes for us to respond!

What Members have to look forward to:

  • 2-tier affiliate commissions
  • 55% payout on 1st-tier sales (highest on the Net - 2-tier system)
  • 15% payout on 2nd-tier sales (highest on the Net - 2-tier system)
  • $250 monthly bonus for the member with the most monthly revenue!
  • Real time stats, login anytime to see how much you have earned!
  • Best of all, you will be selling quality products and services which
    will elate your buyers!

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Best of all, many of our services require a monthly subscriptions, and as long as the member you referred stays a member, you continue to receive revenue month after month just for that one sale!

Plus, if that member signs up as an affiliate, we pay you an additional 15% commission on all sales that member brings in! Get a few affiliates under you and just think about how much more commission you could receive each month.

Again, we only keep 30% on each sale while our affiliate team receives 70%! ...And don’t forget about our top affiliate bonus!

Some affiliates may also refer consumers who just look, only to come back at a later date and place an order. Do you still get credit or the sale? Of course! Our affiliate tracking software will keep records on all visitors and where they originally came from. If they come back a year later and place an order and you were the original referring affiliate you still receive commission on the sale!

Member's Also Receive:

  • Real time account statistics
  • View all members under you and receive reports in real time whenever they make a sale
  • Banners, banners, banners! We offer an array of top quality banners for you to insert on your website. Different colors and sizes so you’re sure to find something that fits!
  • Plus, we don’t use a 3rd party service like many of our competitors, that means one less company to collect a service fee and more money for you!

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